Earl Grey Royale

NPG D34953; Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey by Samuel Cousins, published by and after  Sir Thomas LawrenceAfter discovering T2’s Earl Grey, of course I started exploring some of their options. I mean, that’s just obvious. And why wouldn’t you go trying one that had ‘royale‘ added to the name, and made me think of Samuel L Jackson every time I drink it?

3 min steeping.

No sugar.

Normal colour. Almost… savoury? scent. J suggests that it smells like haystacks (I was having trouble pinpointing it).

UnknownTaste: it’s definitely on the savoury side. T2 claims it to be ‘smoky’. Personally I loathe tea that smells like bushfires, so you won’t ever have me drinking Russian Caravan or T2’s London Breakfast, but this is ok. It’s not especially bergamot-y, and it’s definitely enhanced (for me) by sugar. It is infinitely more drinkable by the pot than T2’s ordinary Earl Grey, though.

This is quite a different Earl Grey for me. I like it, but I Unknowndon’t really associate it with Earl Grey. T2 says that it’s “Yunnan leaves blended with bergamot produce a mysterious and complex brew.” Complex: I like that.


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