As a privileged first-world person I have many boring things to complain about. Today it was lunch. I do not like deciding on lunch, and I do not like having what I decided to have for lunch be unavailable.

So. Today I took inspiration from a dear friend who, when I went to visit some time ago, had made scones. Just like that. I like scones but I’ve only ever made lemonade scones, and I’d never rally thought about them as lunch. I grabbed out my Stephanie Alexander and there’s her scone recipe – under Basics (well sorrrrryyy). I decided to be adventurous and divide the mixture in half. One half I added parmesan to. The other half… choc chips and sour cherries. Yup.

They were easy and they were yum. They didn’t rise as much as I might have liked but I think I was a bit too rough with them. Now to decide whether to freeze the rest or just, y’know, eat them.

4 thoughts on “Scones

  1. Scones are awesome. And yours are making me want scones. Hmm.
    My two cents worth on scones, courtesy of my Nan: speed is the key with scones. You need to shorten the time between the point where the raising agent gets wet and they go in the (heated) oven. If that time is too long, stumpy scones result. If you keep it short, you get tall scones.

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      1. Stephanie told me I could do the flour and butter in a food processor, and then stir in the milk so I used a wooden spoon for that. I have used a knife in the past…


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