Cup of Tea: Princess Grey

I tried Cup of Tea’s Earl Grey a while back, and was underwhelmed. Sadly, the same is true for their Princess Grey, which I also received as a sample.

It’s described as “A blend of Darjeeling and Keemun with sparkling fresh bergamot” on the website. I am not a connoisseur of tea regions so I don’t know whether those are particularly high grade or not.

326.jpgI did not get a strong scent from the leaves. I steeped them for 3 minutes and added 1/2 tsp of sugar. The resulting taste wasn’t particularly citrus-y, either; I guess it’s a “gentle earl grey” as the website also says, but it kinda just tasted like black tea. In fact, it almost tasted a bit like a green tea, which I thought was odd… it had that, hmm, grassy note that I associate with some greens.

In fairness, I have tried this tea a couple more times, because the first taste-test was with a slightly blocked nose. However, even with all olfactory senses, this still just tasted bland. So that’s a bit sad.

Cup of Tea: Earl Grey

Cup of Tea kindly sent me a few samples of their Earl Grey when I was in the UK last year. The first one I’m trying is their High Tea Co. Earl Grey. They sent me a sachet with enough tea for probably three cups.

I steeped it for three minutes (3-4 is recommended) and added 1/2 tsp sugar – less sugar is something I’ve learned about myself through this process! I’ve always just automatically added a whole tsp in the past.

The dry leaves didn’t have much scent, and neither did the steeped leaves. There’s just a whiff of citrus. Sadly for me, this is reflected in the taste of images.jpegthe tea, too. It’s a nice enough tea but for my tastes it’s not much of an Earl Grey. Their website describes it as “strong, lemony and invigorating” – I didn’t get much lemon, but I guess it’s invigorating? Not sure how you’d classify that, to be honest.

Interestingly, there seems to be more than just tea leaves and bergamot in this tea (I thought I could see cornflowers), but it’s not listed in the ingredients.

I’m looking forward to trying the Princess Grey and the Tippy Golden Earl Grey.