Twinings Orangery of Lady Grey

NPG D34953; Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey by Samuel Cousins, published by and after  Sir Thomas LawrenceI mentioned the London Strand Earl Grey the other day. But that’s not all I bought at the Twinings store, oh no! I also bought their Orangery of Lady Grey! Because I love Lady Grey nearly as much as I love Earl Grey! Fight me!

3 min steeping (teabag)

No sugar

Normal colour, and quite a citrus-y scent. There’s definitely lemon going on there, as there should be.

Unknown-1Taste is also distinctly lemon. Better with a bit of sugar (3/4 tsp) – brings out the lemon a bit more.

The website says it’s a “wonderful China tea scented with orange, lemon and bergamot with added cornflower petals.” So yes, definitely more citrus.

I finished the London Strand overseas, because once it was open… well, I wasn’t going to leave it for the Customs peeps (sorry folks). So I only have this one left and let me tell you, I am EKING THEM OUT. Slowly.

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