T2 Earl Grey

NPG D34953; Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey by Samuel Cousins, published by and after  Sir Thomas Lawrence

After I discovered that tea was something that didn’t only come in bags, which was a relatively recent thing all things considered, my first source of loose-leaf tea was T2. I’m sure that true tea connoisseurs roll their eyes but this place was a revelation for me, and introduced me to the plethora of teas that are possible. I love their packaging and their variety and I think their stores are lovely enough that I go out of my way to avoid them lest I be sucked in. So of course I have their loose leaf Early Grey…

3 min steeping

A bit less than 1 tsp sugar

Unknown.jpegNice colour – what I expect!

Very rich scent: noticeably more orange than the Twinings or Dilmah teabags.

Taste: the orange/bergamot comes through right from the start, which I really like.

In my notes, I wrote that in the past I have found this tea too overpowering to be really enjoyable, but that perhaps I have over-steeped (something I am prone to, especially with a history of maybe slightly stale teabags), since I was enjoying this particular cuppa.

… and then I went back and added that a large mug of the stuff (how I usually drink it) is indeed too much. I actually find it too rich, almost oily. My husband enjoys it though, so it’s not going to waste.

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