Acts of Kitchen 9: tarts

AoK_logo_v2In which there are tarts, of the baked good variety. Andrew shares his tips for perfect pastry and admits he doesn’t write down his recipes for perfect fillings.

Meanwhile, I didn’t feel inspired about cooking but still managed to freeze a bunch of stuff for Future Me, so she better appreciate it.



6 thoughts on “Acts of Kitchen 9: tarts

  1. I’d love to try a tart like Andrew describes here, is there any chance of getting a very rough basic recipe to try out? I’m pretty good with by-feel measurements etc, but a place to start would be excellent! Summer! Pastry! Tarts! You and Andrew have definitely inspired me 🙂 Also my suggestion for rhubarb is strawberry addition, with a hint of lemon and some vanilla as a combination. I think it would work well with almond?


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