Acts of Kitchen episode 3: Thermomix

AoK_logo_v2In which Katharine talks about joining the cult that is Thermomix, and I talk about sourdough adventures (and disasters) and foodie podcasts. You can listen here or subscribe at iTunes.


Hot chocolate/Yogo; sorbet; bread; risotto (hot wet rice! – The Katering Show); vegetable stock; pesto; mayonnaise; milling your own grains; Pad Thai. All in the Thermomix.

How do you store new recipes?

“If it’s online I bookmark it (or google it each time and I guess have to hope it’s never taken down!) or for a while I was transcribing them all to my listography site (a list taking website)… which I haven’t done in years… so… nothing really. I need to work on that.”

If you want to get in touch with Katharine, she’s on Twitter – @thiefofcamorr – and has an excellent blog (we’re reviewing FarScape at the moment!).

Feedback gratefully received: you can email actsofkitchen at gmail dot com

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