Acts of Kitchen: episode 2: cooking for shearers


The second episode is here! In which I talk to my dear Aunty Rena about what it’s like to cook for shearers. Also, there’s poetry. You can listen here or subscribe at iTunes.


Shepherds pie, roasts, chops… meat and three veg…

How do you store new recipes?

“Always picking up new recipes. I have a book for them, I put some loosely in a cookbook, I put some in the pantry so I know where they are and then I loose the lot and ask Mr Google to find more for me. He is fantastic – I couldn’t live without him!”

Feedback gratefully received: you can email actsofkitchen at gmail dot com

3 thoughts on “Acts of Kitchen: episode 2: cooking for shearers

  1. Loved the poetry! What awesome memories! Also what an immense amount of cooking every day! I can definitely see how roasts and similar would play a key role in things, also in using those leftovers too.


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