Acts of Kitchen: episode 1: talking to my mother


That’s right folks, here’s a new podcast! It’ll be fortnightly, and feature me interviewing someone about food and cooking as well as a bit of me talking about… stuff.

ETA again: It’s on iTunes and everything!

In the podcast we talk about an amazing dish from my childhood called Mighty Mince, the annoyance of feeding fussy eaters, and the ways that my mother’s cooking has changed over the last few years. She’s not on any social media but if you’ve got anything you’d like to tell her, I promise to pass it on.


Recipes: Mighty Mince, chow mein, slow-cooked lamb, lemon delicious; Jerusalem (Yottam Ottolenghi)

I’ll be asking future guests how they store recipes they like (thanks to Terri for this suggestion. My mum said:

“Usually in my very old folder of recipes that you updated for me many years ago. Sometimes in a book that has similar recipes e.g Thai recipes in my Women’s Weekly book of Thai food.”

Feedback gratefully received: you can email actsofkitchen at gmail dot com

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