IMG_0859I discovered that I still had some stewed apricots in the freezer… from last summer… so I figured I really needed to do something with them. And because I’ve recently been on an Australian Road Trip, I have recently been to a couple of Australian bakeries, which means I’ve been reminded of my passionate but suspicious love affair with The Turnover.

Thus, apricot turnovers.

These are little turnovers; I got four rounds from each sheet of puff pastry (using a small bowl as a template). Baked in the oven at 200C for about 20 minutes. I didn’t brush the pastry with anything, but I did put some cardamom and pistachio sugar on top. It’s the first time I’ve used said sugar, since I’ve been Saving It For Something Special which, as we all know, is a stupid idea.

They were delicious. I baked four, and froze another eight (uncooked). That was using… I don’t remember how many apricots. It was a full take-away container, anyway, which I’d left to drain in a sieve overnight.

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