Mini cakes

This isn’t an original idea by any means, but I love the idea of mini cakes.

Sometimes I just want to bake… but we can’t eat an entire cake at home. Well, we could, but it wouldn’t be a great idea. I do┬átake cake to work, and that’s always welcome, but I don’t always want to! So when a friend of mine mentionedphoto that she was making a cake and putting the batter into small tins – well. Perfect.

photoI have these tins because for my darling’s 30th birthday, he wanted the train cake from the Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book. Instead of cutting up a cake to make the carriages, I divided the batter between these and turned each one into a carriage. A carriage for each person who came to the party (it wasn’t that big a party, but still…). There was a lot of icing. Anyway, now I have the tins! So when I felt like making a carrot cake (with walnuts…), into the tins the batter went and la! Delightful. And then into the freezer they went, so that I have cake for the future.